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#LSD75 Eleusis

Full Programm available at: You can register online for the workshops and the bicycle day.

Do.19.April 09:00 - Fr. 20.April 09:00 Symposium Live Streaming, Bicycle Day, Opening Ceremony Eleusis
Fr. 20.April 09:00 - Sa. 21.April 09:00 Concerts, DJs, Art, Talks, Workshops, Performances
Sa. 21.April 09:00 - So. 22.April 09:00 Daydance 14-24h, Concerts, DJs, Art, Talks, Workshops, Performances
So. 22.April 00:00-20:30 Landing, Workshops, Jamming
Indoor & Rhizom Chillout Stages are running nonstop.

Gates open at 9 am April 9. and close at 20:29 April 22.
There's quite enough public green surface by the river, but no official Camping at Holzpark Klybeck...
Please use public transportation, we're conveniently situated in the middle of the city (tram 8). There aren't any parking places at the venue.

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CHF 33.00
1 Day Eleusis - Thursday
CHF 44.00
1 Day Eleusis - Friday
CHF 66.00
Weekend Eleusis (SA & SU)
CHF 33.00
1 Day Eleusis - Sunday
CHF 99.00
4 Days Eleusis - Late bird
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